When 6 year old Elizabeth was abused at the hands of a family member, it was the most traumatic experience of her young life. Thanks to the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) of Anderson County, she only had to relive it once. This young victim received help to heal and the family member responsible for her abuse is now being brought to justice. He will be held accountable and Elizabeth no longer lives in fear.

The Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County opened in July 2008 to help children like Elizabeth in the nearly 1,000 reports of child abuse each year right here in Anderson County. In 2011, the CAC has served 471 children, providing services to get them on the road to healing and recovery, while working to end child abuse.

You see, the CAC is a child-friendly place where child victims of abuse are interviewed by a trained professional ONCE instead of recounting the abuse multiple times to personnel at the Department of Children Services, Law Enforcement, and the District Attorney’s office. This interviewer gently and neutrally obtains information from the child that allows the child to be helped and the abuser to be prosecuted.

In addition, the CAC provides services to local traumatized children that include diagnosis and treatment of injuries due to abuse, counseling services to help them work through the trauma in a healthy manner, and professional support and education to the non-offending family/caregivers.


The Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County board and staff have worked hard to accomplish this for local children.

Here’s what some of our families have to say about their experience at the CAC:

“The first time she was at the center, our daughter was at her worst point. After receiving services, she now sleeps without nightmares. It was a relief for her to talk about her experience in a safe setting. We are now bringing her little brother for therapy as well.”

“I’m glad that there is a place like this for my child.”

 “I am grateful for the free services.”


Prior to the CAC opening in July of 2008, Anderson County was one of only 3 judicial jurisdictions in Tennessee that did not have the services of a Child Advocacy Center. Children like Elizabeth did not routinely receive victim support and advocacy services.

Since the CAC has opened, every child who is entitled to victim support and advocacy services is able to come to one place to get their needs met.

With your help, we can continue to provide these much-needed services to the children in our community. Your gift will help a confused child heal from the trauma of abuse, and help prevent and fight child abuse for the children around you.

Please thoughtfully consider making a gift to support our efforts. Many children right here in Anderson County are depending on us.


David Clark, District Attorney Ceneral, 7th Judicial District, and Margaret Durgin, CAC Executive Director