Update: Karry 4 Kids Drive at Banks  9/14/-9/1815

Local banks are serving as Drop off locations for new duffle/overnight bags!

  • ORNL – 221 S Rutgers Ave., Oak Ridge
  • ORNL – Walmart Branch, 376 S. Illinois Ave., Oak Ridge
  • ORNL Oak Ridge Lab Branch, Bethel Valley Rd., Oak Ridge
  • ORNL – 1117 N. Charles Seviers Blvd., Clinton
  • Capital Mark Bank & Trust, 231 Jackson Square, Oak Ridge
  • Y-12 federal Credit Union, 501 Lafayette Dr., Oak Ridge
  • TNBank – 401 S. Illinois Ave., Oak Ridge
  • Enrichment Federal Credit Union – 201 S. Illinois Ave., Oak Ridge
  • Enrichment Federal Credit Union – 1116 N. Charles Seviers Blvd., Clinton
  • Citizens First Bank – 1298 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge

As well as drop off at the Child Advocacy Center in Clinton, and CASA and United Way in Oak Ridge!

Karry 4 Kids!  New name for collaborative effort!



Altrusa’s Karry 4 Kids launch was a success!

Pictured here are Altrusa members with new overnight bags  collected for children in foster care.  Why?  So that every child who enters into foster care in Anderson County will have a bag to move their belongings in, not a garbage bag.  Altrusa members are also partnering with local banks to become drop-off sites during September 14-18, 2015.  We thank Altrusa members for making a difference and meeting the needs of these children.

Altrusa of Oak Ridge members at their Faux Fifth Wednesday Kick Off supporting Karry 4 Kids

Karry 4 Kids is a collaborative effort that collects and

provides overnight bags for children in foster care. Many

foster children move from one location to another with

their belongings in a trash bag. Help make the transition

a little easier by donating a new collapsible duffle bag today!


Contact Information:


karry4kids@gmail.com(CASA) or, cacactinc@comcast.net (Child Advocacy Center)

(865) 425-0888(CASA)  or, (865) 463-2740(Child Advocacy Center)


Karryon4kids both[1]


When  we see a person on the street with all their earthly goods in a garbage   bag, what do we think?  What is our assumption about that person?

Yet, day after day, many children who are removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect have no where to put their belongings except in a garbage bag.

How would that make you feel?

The Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County joins CASA of the Heartlands, along with the support of the Oak Ridge Schools and the Anderson County Schools in a drive for new carry-on bags/duffle bags for these children.    The intial drive with the school support ran from May 1st through May 15th, of 2014.  During this drive nearly 100 bags were donated to help the children!

Unfortunately, this need will be ongoing .   Bags may be dropped off at the Child Advocacy Center, 752 N Main Street, Clinton, TN.

Thank you for helping the children.