Children who come to the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County may disclose they are victims of bullying.  Or, they may have been witnesses to bullying. 

Sometimes, they have bullied others.

What is bullying?
Bullying can be described as unwanted aggressive physical or verbal behavior.  It includes but is not limited to  name calling, rumors, threats, pushing, hitting,  and exclusion of someone.  The word bullying is often used in regards to school age children.  However, in some states the behaviors may be considered crimes.

Who is involved in bullying?
There is always a person/people who bully; a person/people who are bullied; and sometimes a person/people who witness the bullying.  A person may fit in more than one role.

What is Cyberbullying?
These are bullying behaviors that use electronic equipment.  Examples of this would be sending embarrassing pictures or hurtful messages out on Facebook, etc.

My child was a victim of bullying – How can I help him/her?
Please help your child find a counselor or mental health worker to talk with about what has happened.  If the bullying is happening at school, please tell the teacher, school principal and school counselor.  Work together to protect your child.

Our Child Advocacy Center may be of assistance.  Please contact us at 865-463-2740.

It is important not to ignore the bullying.  Also, do not blame the child who is bullied.  No one deserves to be bullied.