SAD GIRL[1]Children in Crisis:  Crisis Calls at an All Time High?

A recent article in The Tennessean, by Tony Gonzalez, about calls to Tennessee’s crisis hotline stated calls are at an all time high around the state.  (Crisis would refer to children threatening suicide or in other emotional distress.) The article went on to state it was unclear what the increase in calls actually meant; are more children in need of crisis services, or are more people knowing about and using the Hotline?

Is this increase being seen in Anderson County?

Anderson County’s child/youth crisis response is provided by Youth Villages Specialized Crisis Services.  According to Matt Sparling, MSED, Youth Villages Specialized Crisis Services Program Supervisor, the statistics for Anderson County have been in the same range for 2012 and the first six months of 2013.  The crisis referral behaviors are defined as “not just threats, gestures or attempts to kill oneself, but also threats to kill others, psychosis or other bizarre thought process or severe physical aggression.”

Contacting Specialized Crisis Services:   Youth Villages has specially trained counselors available 24/7 through a Hotline: 866-791-9224. These specialists determine the type of response needed, such as dispatching a crisis responder to the scene, assessment and evaluation of the child/youth, arranging a safety plan, etc.  More information is available at:

Prevent Crisis: Ideally, our goal is children receiving help and support to avoid a crisis situation.  At the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County, children can receive trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) to support healing and recovery.   Please follow our blog!

To report child abuse or neglect in Tennessee, call 1-877-237-0004.