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PROTECT CHILDREN: HOME MEDICATION LOCK BOX! Parents and caregivers of child clients at the Child Advocacy Center are able to get a free HOME MEDICATION LOCK BOX! 

Why lock boxes?  Each year more than 60,000 young children end up in emergency rooms in the US after getting into medication.  Each day, many more teens use unauthorized prescription drugs.  The consequences can be fatal.

As part of the ASAP (Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention) coalition in Anderson County, the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County is a site for MEDICATION LOCK BOX distribution.  Each box has a built in combination lock.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to lock up medications (prescription and nonprescription) and vitamins after every use.   The goal is to prevent the accidental or unauthorized use of these substances by children and youth.

Need a Medication Lock Box to protect the children in your home?  Please call the CAC at 865-463-2740 and arrange to pick one up.


New Medicine Lock Boxes now availble at CAC.

New Medicine Lock Boxes now availble at CAC.