If someone is hurting you, do not keep it a secret. The abuse is NOT your fault.  Tell a trusted adult.

If you are sexually abused, tell a trusted adult. If the first person you tell does not believe you or does not protect you, keep telling trusted adults until the abuse stops.

Many kids don’t tell about being abused because they are afraid.

But if you tell someone, the abuse can stop. Also, if you tell, it may keep that person from abusing other kids.

Q & A
(what we are asked most often)

Am I in trouble? 
Children and youth sometimes ask this question because they have been told that what happened is their fault.  You are not in trouble with us.

Will my mom/dad (etc.) get a copy of my interview DVD? 
No.  It is the property of the District Attorney General and highly protected.

What will happen next? 
The best answer is we don’t always know.  Each member of your team has a job to do to ensure that you are safe and that no crime has been committed.