Online Safety:

Most important: Check with parents/guardians before giving out any information online!

Be careful about replying online to people you don’t really “know”.

Never send a photograph of yourself, or any personal information to someone you don’t know. (For more on this, see Sexting below).

Chatroom/Instant messaging: You never know who may be there.  Never give out information that makes it easy to track you.

Never arrange a face to face meeting with someone you met online.  (That child/teen your age may be 57!)


Before hitting send – REMEMBER, you can’t control where the image will end up.  You have lost control over the picture forever.  You may delete it, but it still exists in cyberspace and may be resent over and over by people you don’t even know!

Think about the consequences!

Only take and send images  that you would want the whole world (and your grandmother) to see!

Report any sexual images you receive to a trusted adult.  Do not forward them or delete them prior to law enforcement looking at them.

If  YOU take and forward a sexual picture of someone underage, you could face child pornography charges!