The Child Advocacy Center has it down to a science!” – A parent

Has your child been abused, or perhaps the victim or witness to a crime?  Are you feeling confused? Scared? Not sure what will happen, or how to get help for your child?

Welcome to the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County Tennessee, Inc.  Using the Child Advocacy Center model, we offer a better way to help children and youth who are victims or witnesses to abuse and other crimes.  How is this done?

The Child Advocacy Center offers a neutral facility, that is safe, secure, and child friendly.  Think of us as a one stop shop. A place where a child can receive an interview, get a medical evaluation, and therapy; a place where a victim advocate can help the parent/caregiver with criminal injury compensation and other resource referrals.

At the Child Advocacy Center, Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, Juvenile Justice, the District Attorney General’s Office, Advocacy, and Medical and Mental Health workers pull together into a unique partnership to form one coordinated team.  This is a team Anderson County children, families and the community can trust to uphold the best interests of the child.

What are families saying about the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County?

“I appreciate all the kindness and help you have given to me and my children.” – A parent

“My girls are doing well.  Thank you!”  – A parent

“You all are doing a great job at helping the community.”  – A parent

“Thank you for really caring about the children.”  – A parent

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